Lifeboat Equipment

Regular lifeboat inspection and maintenance will ensure your equipment remains in a state of readiness. Our engineers are trained by a number of manufacturers and certified by them to carry out inspections and certifications for lifeboat and davit systems. We offer Services in all Ports in West Africa

Industrial Ports is certified by the following OEM's:

  • Hatecke Service GmBH, Drochtersen, Germany
  • Global Davit GmbH, Bassum, Germany
  • Palfinger Marinened-Deck, MG Barneveld, The Netherlands
  • Palfinger Marine Davit Systems, MG Barneveld, The Netherlands
  • Gürdesan Ship Machinery Corp, Kocaeli, Turkey 

All our inspectors are duly certified by the above stated makers. Inspections are available with makers and / or with flag state approval.

Industrial Ports offers a lot of service solutions for lifeboat equipment including maintenance, repairs, modifications and inspections through our dedicated team of engineering specialists. No matter which type or brand of lifeboat you are using, we guarantee a fast response and effective solution to meet your requirements precisely.

We offer maintenance, repair and inspection services for annual and 5-year inspections for the following lifeboat and davit systems:

  • Conventional lifeboats
  • Davit-Systems
  • Freefall lifeboats incl. tanker versions
  • Launching systems
  • Semi-enclosed lifeboats
  • Tenderboats
  • Rescueboats and cranes

Furthermore, we can help you with lifeboat inspection in order that you stay compliant with IMO SOLAS requirements.

hatecke lifeboat

We care !

We focus on your lifeboats allowing you to focus on your business. Please give us a try and contact us for more information.

See below a few pictures provided by our partner Hatecke Service GmbH

hatecke lifeboat training

hatecke lifeboat sea

 hatecke lifeboat freefall