Load Test Equipment

Crane Load Testing

We have over 20 years of experience in load testing. At IPESL, we carry out our load test with inspected, calibrated and certified equipment, handled by our certified lifting engineers. All load test are done according to international regulation.

Hire Load Test Equipment

Equipments for load test on lifting equipment to a capacity of 180 tonnes and lifeboats / life saving appliances to a capacity of 6 tonnes;

The below list of equipments are available to carry



  • 50T Load Cell
  • 10T Load Cell (2 nos)
  • 150T Load Cell


  • 5T Water Bags (2 nos)
  • 10T Water Bags (2 nos)
  • 50T Water Bags (3 nos)
  • 50T Web Slings (3 nos)
  • 100T Web Slings (1 nos)
  • 60 pieces of 100kg lifeboat sausage bags

Our equipment are also available for hire and can be picked up from our Apapa site. To hire our equipment please click below the list of equipment needed and submit to receive our offer.

60 pcs. each 100 kg Incl. Filling equipment