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Off-Shore Troubleshooting on cranes

Job Description  Two of our engineers were deployed to troubleshoot two offshore cranes. The mechanics on board had been trying to fix the fault for several days – to no avail – before we were called in. First, you got an overview of what the problem is and what has already been investigated. Then, with

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LSA Inspection and Certification in Onne, Nigeria

Location: Onne, Nigeria Equipment: Freefall lifeboat and davit from NORSAFE JIANGYIN, rescueboat manufacturer VIKING Summery: LSA survey was succesful and the equipments are in good conditions and working well without any issues. Recertification done.

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5-year inspection and load test in Lagos, Nigeria

Last weekend our engineers carried out a 5-year inspection and load test in Lagos, Nigeria. We used our own gear which includes water bags, a load cell, shackles and web slings. You can rent this equipment from us: https://ipesl.com/service/load-test-equipment/

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